Success: Fox Energy

Coker Communications was engaged to develop a website and custom web application for Fox Energy Specialists. The goals of the web application were to:

  • Display upcoming seminars and allow participant registration.
  • Allow interested potential customers to request service proposals.
  • Display news and other dynamic content

Fox wanted their internal personnel to be able to manage the dynamic content, without having to involve a web designer. We developed an administration portal that would allow:

  • Creation and editing of the seminar information
  • Tracking, assignment and disposition of the RFP requests
  • Editing of the dynamic content

Fox Energy Specialists


Custom Web Applications

Do you have a need to present or collect information to or from your current or potential customers? It's likely that a custom web application could be just what you need.

What is a custom web application? It's a website that is powered by custom logic and has a data store. More than just a static website, where the information doesn't change and is the same for all users, a custom web application allows you to tailor the website functions and presentation based on any number of factors. Here are some examples:

  • Data-Driven Content - Present information on your public website based on date or other dynamic information. Present a listing of upcoming meetings or seminars (and maintain that list through your secure Administration site) and don't display dates that have passed or are too far in the future.
  • Customer Registration and Data Capture - Rather than just the standard email and phone number contact info, capture specific information from potential customers with.the use of forms and custom decision logic. Capture and store all kinds of information, and then assign follow-up by geography or other specific info.
  • Customer Portal - Let your customers login to your site, maintain or change their own information, place orders, monitor their progress, etc. Filter the information that the customer sees based on the user that logs in or the status of their job or account.
  • Online Products or Services - Sell products or services from your website. Capture customer registration, process payments, and deliver online products or subscriptions. Do you need to deliver online training or documents, but want to restrict that information to people with current accounts or support contracts?

With custom web applications, the possibilities are almost limitless. Together, we can figure out what makes sense for you. Then let us create the technology to make it happen.