Focus: SEO

You may have heard someone use the term SEO. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the set of tools and techniques for maximizing the exposure of your website to the automated detection and ranking by Google and the other major search engines. Since the process is automated, there is a set of rules that are used to determine the "rank" of a website in response to a user search.

SEO is the process to make your page achieve the highest possible rank for the terms that you expect your customers to be searching for, which still having a visually attractive and informative page. It's important to use page structures and technologies that are "seo-friendly", because that will result in a higher rank:

  • Keyword-friendly URLs
  • Image tagging
  • Page structure
  • Search term placement
  • Content updates
  • Inbound linking

Let us assist you in developing your website so it is SEO friendly.

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Small Business E-Commerce Websites

Do you need a website to sell items to the public? E-Commerce websites are a very popular and efficient way to market, promote, and sell your products. They can also be very difficult and costly to implement. Internet customers have become very savvy and expect many features from your E-Commerce shopping site, including:

  • Easy to Navigate Catalog - Your products must be organized and your site must be structured to allow your customers to easily find the items that they are interested in..
  • Multiple and Hi-resolution Product Images - Your customers want to see what they are buying. You must have great product images and preferably the ability to zoom or view hi-resolution images to show off your products in the best manner possible.
  • Sales and Promotions - Your site needs the ability to easily adjust pricing of items and item groups, offer public sale pricing for a limited period of time, offer coupon or discount code pricing, and offer special pricing to special customer groups.
  • Cross-Sell and Up-Sell - Your on-line store should be capable of displaying "you might also be interested in" type items (up-sell) and "customers who viewed this item also viewed" type items (cross-sell).
  • Checkout Process - Your site must have a flexible and efficient check-out and payment process, including registration with a store account and checkout as guest. Your site must have flexible shipping options that are easy to understand.
  • Payment Processing - Your site must have the ability to process payments through a choice of Payment Processors, and incorporate fraud detection features as well as allowing you to pay the lowest possible transaction fees. The site must also have the ability to handle returns and credits without a lot of manual intervention.
  • Customer Communications - Your site must have an integrated system for customer e-mail communications, including Order Confirmation, Credit Charge and Invoicing, and Shipping Notice and Tracking. Having these features inspires customer confidence and a good sales transaction experience.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about because customers have come to expect a polished shopping experience - if you don't provide this, your customers will abandon you and find someone that does.

We can help you with the implementation and customization of a full-functionality E-Commerce website that is both professional looking and easy for both customers and your staff to operate. We use open-source packages that are robust in functionality and also highly-customizable to fit your specific needs, while saving you huge licensing and operating fees. We can help you get your site up and running, so you can get to selling!