Focus: Use CRM For Leads

A CRM application is perfect for managing prospective sales leads, but it requires some discipline and effort to enter the data for the lead. Also, there is some concern of keeping the lead information private to prevent internal poaching. What to do?

An option is to use your public website as a mechanism to capture lead information and automatically enter a lead into the CRM system for follow-up (eliminating the data entry effort). Assignment to internal sales can either be round-robin or by specific (product or geography) specialization. The CRM system segregates and restricts access to leads, while allowing the sales manager to see and follow up on all.

This is a straightforward add-on to a CRM system, and one that improves productivity markedly.

There are multiple solutions available - Let us help you choose the one that's best for you.

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Small Business Customer Relationship Mgmt

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is just a fancy phrase for a way to organize and stay on top of all the interactions with your customers. Sales, service, phone calls, emails, to-dos, follow-ups, contract renewals - all of those are important to gaining and keeping customers and keeping customers happy.

Customer Relationship Management Software

QuickBooks Pro If you have more than a few customers, how do you stay organized? Notepad and phone slips? Not a good idea. What happens when one of your agents or reps goes on vacation (or worse, quits)? Where is the collective corporate knowledge? How would you find information about your current customers' sales or support in-progress if one of your critical employees is unavailable? How do you know what has been communicated to and from the customer, and when? Managing customer information in emails and spreadsheets can only take a company so far.

A CRM application is the way to manage all that information. You can instantly track all the communications that your company has had with the customer, who did it, and what if any follow-ups were taken. You instantly know when they call what it's likely to be about (and how you have to treat the call). You can even keep track of documents, contracts, and other customer-related correspondence. Most CRM software is easy to customize and adapt to your specific business needs.

CRM can remind you if you haven't talked to a customer in a certain period of time (so you can reach out and remind them that you're there and available). More advanced installations hook into your phone system, so that the customer's info is on your screen before you even say hello.

CRM On Mobile DevicesYou can also have access to all of your information on most all mobile devices, so you can still be productive anytime you are away from the office.

CRM is a good idea, and a key way to keep your customers (and keep them happy) - let us show you how!