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Focus: Spyware & Viruses

Many Small Businesses purchase their own desktop hardware directly from retailers or national distributors, and as a result sometimes do not take the steps necessary to secure their equipment from the ever-present threats of spyware and viruses. If not protected against, these insidious threats can render that new system virtually unusable within days or weeks of purchase.

We regularly assist our customers in implementing protections from spyware and viruses, and can clean already-infected systems. Interestingly, no one single product is sufficient protection from spyware and viruses. Usually a combination of products, coupled with system and network settings are necessary to protect the average business.

Contact us today to protect your system investment...



Many small business owners and managers do not have the time or expertise to manage the technology that is critical to their business.  We provide the critical ongoing technology support that can keep your business operating without technology-related failures.  Plus, as your business grows, we can provide the critical training that will get new employees familiar with the technology that they will be using while doing their jobs.  We have several economical approaches for training of your business technology.

  • On-site User Training - Traditional in-person training
  • eTraining - On-line Web Courses offered through our partners
  • Informal Training - Q&A style for specific questions or functions



We offer full support of our offered products and services. We realize that if something you need isn't working, then you aren't performing at your best. We make every effort to get you back to full capability in the shortest possible time, even if that means after "traditional" business hours.

  • Remote Support - Many tasks can be accomplished without a trip to your business. That's why we set up secure remote access to your business. If you have an issue, usually we can work it out with remote access in just a few minutes with you right over the phone. This provides a quick resolution to you while saving us travel time.



  • On-Site Support - For things that cannot be accomplished remotely, we offer complete on-site service and support.